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Information about me

Hi, I’m Cristian and I’m 26 years old. I have always been a wizz kid in anything regarding IT zone. I have been really attracted to it and thus it’s both my hobby and my job! I find fun and pleasure in working and spending time working on it.

I’ve been working mostly with clients from USA and Australia, but I have had clients from all over the world that enjoyed working with me and kept in touch!

I have been working in web development and design for over 11 years now, have been extensively working with PHP,MYSQL,CSS,HTML,XML, 7 years ago I started working with javascript and 1 year later starting to work with AJAX. I enjoy working based on OOP(Object Oriented Programming) thus I moved to WordPress platform 5 years ago and started working with it ever since and I love it! I am professional in creating plugins, themes and widgets for it and the plugins it has, but am also proficient in solving any problems that it may have or that any of it’s plugins might be facing.

I adore developing new stuff and something that would push the world a step forward and am also designing sleek and modern web designs!

Bored of data entry and figure you can spend your time doing something better? No problem I can also handle that!

Resume : can be downloaded here .

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