My working schedule

This is my working schedule and some details of how I work with people.

Working hours

Monday :
11 AM - 2 PM
3 PM - 10 PM (UTC)
Tuesday :
11 AM - 2 PM (UTC)
3 PM - 10 PM (UTC)
Wednesday :
11 AM - 2 PM (UTC)
3 PM - 10 PM (UTC)
Thursday :
11 AM - 2 PM (UTC)
3 PM - 10 PM (UTC)
Friday :
11 AM - 2 PM (UTC)
3 PM - 8 PM (UTC)
* Any contacts requested outside the working hours will be addressed during the next working day. I wish to thank you for your understanding.
* Saturday and Sunday are off days. If you are trying to get in touch during this period, unless we have a situation where there is no time
during any other day, we will schedule a meeting but this meeting should not be outside of a Friday's working schedule and it's subjected to availability.


Biography : read about me here

Project pricing
All projects are subjected to individual pricing. At the moment I do not offer any pricing tables as work is done per request basis ( meaning that I evaluate the project before giving out numbers ).

Payment rules
As mentioned even in my terms all projects are subjected to a minimum of 30% upfront payment prior to any work being done. This rule applies to everyone and no exceptions will be made.

As for projects that exceed $1000 they will be subjected to milestones, which means that if the prepaid part of the project is done, you will have access to view that part and then a new invoice will be generated for continuing the work ( this procedure is so that we both have guarantees when working with larger projects ).

*Projects that are lower than $500 are subjected to 50% upfront payment due to the low amount.