Event Manager Pro ( Customized )

Overview E.M.Pro

Project details

Available for resale. Total price of the product $200 ( price includes customization ) .

* Weekly display of event on calendar ( instead of daily )
* Fee column added to the core of the program with included functionality
* Fee adds to total price of the event and is separate from price when using coupons. It also updates the price accordingly with the pro version for Paypal checkout.

Detailed :

A customized version of events manager. Functions added. Instead of having every day from start to end date of the event displayed on calendar we did it to be weekly.

Added functionality of "fee" to be included with the event. Fee is an extra fee that you would want to request clients for the event (for example a fee for dinner) but it won't be affected by the coupons you offer to your clients (example : price is $40 for the event , fee is $20 and you're giving a 100% coupon code. The price would still be $20 for your client) !

High pricing

The high pricing for such small changes comes from the fact that this software is hardcoded and with very bad alignment in javascript (the regular free encryption). The product can be customized to an extent but maintain the same functionality. If more functionality is added it will be discussed when ordering.

For ordering please sent email to [email protected]